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Great Decisions: Thomas W. Lippman, author

Mar. 29, 2021- "The Saudi-Arabian- U.S. Relationship: Decades in the Making"

Great Decisions: Kaare Sikuaq Erickson, Ukpeaġvik Inupiat Corporation

and Bob Hollister, Grand Valley State University

Mar. 15, 2021- "The Warming Arctic"

Great Decisions: Julia Luscombe, Feeding America

Mar. 8, 2021- "Sustainable Globalization Post- COVID-19"

Great Decisions: Judy Samuelson, The Aspen Institute

 and Brian Kraus, Amway

Mar. 1, 2021- "The Future of Business and Global Supply Chains"

Great Decisions: Andrew Natsios, Texas A & M

Feb. 23, 2021- "Have We Learned Anything about this Pandemic?"

Great Decisions: Tomas Baert, European Union Delegation to the U.S.

Feb. 22, 2021- "The European Union: The New Agenda Post-Brexit"

A Conversation with Consul General Zhao Jian

Feb. 16, 2021- Consulate General of the People's Republic of China in Chicago

Great Decisions: Suzanne DiMaggio, Carnegie Endowment for In'l Peace

Feb. 8, 2021- "North Korea: Getting Diplomacy Back on Track"


The Korean - U.S. Alliance

Feb. 4, 2021- Mark Tokola, Sung-hoon Park, Jennifer Brannan

CHINA Town Hall

Nov. 12, 2020 - Cary Justice, Tim Liang, Jim Ward

Policing in a Global Context with Patrick Skinner, Savannah PD

Oct. 27, 2020

The Future of Hong Kong with Jennifer Staats, US Institute of Peace

Oct. 1, 2020

Talking Java with Frankie Volkema

Sep. 22, 2020

A Conversation with Her Excellency Martha Bárcena Coqui

Sep. 17, 2020- Ambassador of Mexico to the U.S.

A Conversation with Ambassador André Haspels

June 12, 2020- Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands to the U.S.

Future of Pandemics: Ambassador William Garvelink

May 12, 2020

Great Decisions: Sonia Nazario, author of Enrique's Journey

Mar. 30, 2020- "Central American Immigration and U.S. Foreign Policy"

*Note-This video requires a password--email staff to receive it.

Great Decisions: Margaret Myers, The Inter-American Dialogue

Mar. 24, 2020- "China's Road into Latin America"

Great Decisions: Lindsey Sheppard, CSIS

Mar. 17, 2020- "The Future is Now: Artificial Intelligence and National Security"

Great Decisions: Rachel VerWys, Solutions to End Exploitation

Mar. 10, 2020- "Human Trafficking: Global and Local Perspectives"

Great Decisions: Steve Dalzell, RAND Corporation

Feb. 25, 2020- "Regional Security in the Red Sea"

Great Decisions: Julie McCarthy, NPR

Feb. 18, 2020- "Mirror to the World: The Philippines under Duterte"

Great Decisions: Raza Ahmad Rumi, Ithaca College

Feb. 11, 2020- "Kashmir: Flashpoint between India and Pakistan"

70th Anniversary Event: Vandenberg Luncheon honoring Ambassador (ret.) Jon M. Huntsman, Jr. and Birgit Klohs, The Right Place, Inc.

Jan. 14, 2020

Podcast of 69th Anniversary Event with H.E. Cui Tiankai, Chinese Ambassador to the U.S.

Feb. 8, 2019

Great Decisions: Ambassador Barbara Stephenson (ret.) American Foreign Service Association

Feb. 5, 2019- "State of the State Department"

Fall Lecture series: Ambassador Chase Untermeyer (ret.)

Oct. 24, 2018- "Qatar"

Fall Lecture series: Dr. Fahad Bishara

Oct. 18, 2018- "Oman"

Civil Discourse series: Sarrah Buageila

Apr. 24, 2018- "Portraits of American Muslims"

Link to ISPU's MAP findings

Civil Discourse series: Dr. David A. Hooker

Apr. 10, 2018- "Searching for a Reconfigured 'We the People'"

Great Decisions: Ambassador Mary Ann Peters (ret.), The Carter Center

Mar. 26, 2018- "Global Health: Equity, Ethics, and Eradication"

Great Decisions: Desirée Cormier, Albright Stonebridge Group (ASG)

Mar. 19, 2018- "South Africa at a Crossroads: Implications for U.S.-South Africa Relations"

Great Decisions: Susan. B. Glasser, POLITICO

Mar. 12, 2018- "Putin, Russia, and the New Cold War?"

Great Decisions: Dr. Stephanie Young, RAND

Feb. 19, 2018- "The Right Bang for our Bucks: The U.S. Defense Budget"

Great Decisions: Dr. Sinan Ciddi, Institute of Turkish Studies, Georgetown University

Feb. 12, 2018- "Trouble Brewing: Can the U.S. and Turkey Cooperate?"

Great Decisions: Will Dobson, NPR

Jan. 29, 2018- "Manipulating Media: Are Dictators Getting Smarter?"

Hank Meijer discusses his book,

Arthur Vandenberg: The Man in the Middle of the American Century

Dec. 6, 2017