Like Presidents Bush 43 and Obama before him, Donald Trump’s personality so enrages his critics and so enthralls his supporters, that a dispassionate assessment of his actual policies requires almost superhuman effort by observers. Trump does himself no favors with his...

February 26, 2017

‘Man-made’ food crisis threatens 100,000 people after war and a collapsing economy devastate agriculture in the country

Famine has been declared in parts of South Sudan, where UN agencies warned on Monday that war and a collapsing economy have left 100,000 people facing...

When US president Donald Trump and Israeli prime minister Binyamin Netanyahu held a press conference on Feb. 15, they made news.

First, Trump asked Netanyahu to “hold back” on building controversial settlements on territory that international law says belongs to the Pal...

Vice President Mike Pence told a rattled Europe on Monday that President Donald Trump fully supported crucial European institutions — despite the president’s perplexing comments and occasional insults — and said he supported the firing of the national security adviser.


A major conflagration, whether intentional or not, is perhaps likelier now than ever.

In Donald Trump’s first term there is a serious possibility of a military conflict, whether intentional or inadvertent, between the United States or Israel and Iran. What follows is ho...

A political odd couple, President Donald Trump and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau resolutely played up their similarities at their first meeting Monday, even as obvious differences lurked behind their public smiles.

After their White House meeting, the North Ame...

 the last five years, North Korea has test fired more than 50 ballistic missiles in an effort to perfect a technology that its opponents fear might someday deliver a nuclear weapon.

So the launch of a missile on Sunday that soared 300 miles across North Korea from west...

Southeast Asia is an increasingly important region, encompassing some of the most dynamic economies in the world and located at the crossroads between East and South Asia, and the Pacific and Indian Oceans. The 10 Southeast Asian countries that make up the Association...

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