GVSU takes home WorldQuest championship

GVSU Team takes home WorldQuest title

In a return to in-person global trivia after two years of COVID-dodging, a team of global experts from Grand Valley State University (GVSU) took home the WorldQuest championship on May 17 at the Eberhard Center.

The World Affairs Council of Western Michigan (WACWM) has been sponsoring the event for years each May, for a night of team building and connecting with other globally interested companies, universities, and civic organizations.

"Typically, there's been a subtle competition between the academics and the business professionals, but this year there was so much excitement over being together again there was an overall vibe of fun and reconnecting," said Michael Van Denend, executive director of WACWM.

The trivia categories are a well-kept secret leading up to the event, and this year the four topics were North, South, East, and West.

An example: "The country of Macedonia changed its name to NORTH Macedonia to quell objections from what neighboring country? " The answer: Greece.

The world knowledge contest also includes dinner and beverages, prize giveaways, and a lot of cheers and groans from the tables of six-person teams.

The GVSU team was followed closely in the final standings by Steelcase, and in third, Ferris State University (both perennial top-spot contestants).

"It was clear that everyone was glad to be back in person and there were may promises of a return to WorldQuest next year," said Rachel Brooks, WACWM's communications and events coordinator.

"After a year of a lot of hard news in the world, this was an upbeat and positive way to celebrate global awareness," she said.

Those interested in sending a team to WorldQuest in 2023 can contact the WACWM team at office@worldmichigan.org and for more about the Council, go to www. worldmichigan.org.